BRAVO™ - Travel Pillow 100% Memory Foam Neck BRAVO

BRAVO™ - Travel Pillow 100% Memory Foam Neck BRAVO

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The difference between ordinary style and bamboo charcoal style: the raw material we use is high-density space memory cotton, which is divided into ordinary space memory cotton and space memory sponge with bamboo charcoal factor. In terms of material, they are space memory sponge. The difference is that bamboo charcoal style adds bamboo charcoal factor. Bamboo charcoal style can effectively absorb moisture and smell, absorb exhaust gas and sweat produced by human body Keep the human body fresh, breathable and comfortable. The bamboo charcoal style is more healthy and clean. The rebound effect of the two styles is the same, and the product size is the same

Product weight and size: 27.5*28.5*10.5cm

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