LED Leash harness with Lock &Release Mechanism Walking

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Product Description:
1. 100% brand new and high quality.
2. Material:  TPE with BioCleanAct
3. Two Types: Captain America , Black Panther
4. Size: Handle Size : 93x161x50mm
             Charging dock Size: 169x64x30mm
5. Leash Size: 3m
6. Batteries: 1 * 800mAh Lithium Metal batteries (Support Rechargeable)
7. Rated voltage: 5V
8. Maximum load: 30kg


    1. Ultra Comfortable Handle:
- The outside handle is made from solid polycarbonate and the inside is soft TPE polyethylene,which brings super hand feeling even for long time holding
    2. Double Lighting System For Night Walking:
- Equipped with LED, even dark night walking is full of fun. Bring more security at night, power saving
    3. Strong Buckle System For Dogs Safety:
- Using strengthened metal to build the buckle system, which will not only ensure your dogs' safety but also allow you to change the leash with one simple press


Lighting system switching: 

- Left panel button operation:

1. First double click: Turn on the light ring
2. Second double click: Turn on the headlights
3. Third double click: Turn off all lights
4. Long press can also turn off all lights


- Right panel button operation:
1. Sliding touch the salient spot clockwise: Switch lighting effects
2. Sliding touch the salient spot counterclockwise: Return to the previous lighting effects


Charging status indicator:

1. Low battery status: Red
2. In charging status: Orange
3. Full battery status: Cyan

Package Included:
 1x Smart pet handle
 1x Leash (3m, adjustable)
 1x Charging dock

Notes: It fits for any small, medium and large dogs. Any questions, contact us without any hesitate